This batch of files comprises probably most of the source code of PARRY, the paranoid mental hospital patient created by Professor Ken Colby, et al., in the early 1970s at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab of the Stanford University Computer Science Department. The code here compiles and runs using the MLISP language (meta-lisp) on the WAITS operating system running on a DEC PDP-10. Don't expect to be able to run it yourself, because you probably don't have the original environment. The code is definitely non-portable. Parts of it are written in PDP-10 assembly code (e.g., *.fai and *.lap files). Other parts are written in MLISP (e.g., pmem* files). There may be other parts that require other language translators. You'll have to poke around to figure out how the code is organized. There is no guarantee that parts of the Parry source are not missing from here. -- Martin Frost (me@CS.Stanford.EDU) Computer Science Department Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-2140 5 Sept 1991