The good fight

by Miriam English

Are we tired of the good fight yet?
When good men and women feel the tug of gods' duty
and vow to avenge and slake the need for blood.
But fires stoked by blood are only quenched with more blood
...and so around and around again...

Are we tired yet?

The good must press on.
god and honor (two mightiest human inventions) demand it.
Good must consume evil.

But good and evil, like beauty, depend upon the beholder.

Nay, say the crazed ones: good is absolute!
Evil is absolute!
And our god tells us this...
(we alone have this privileged knowledge)
we dare not relent
we must not flinch
in our sacred duty to the good and true fight.
The threat must be cleansed
god against god; honor against honor
till the last drop squeezed.

When will we tire of it?
These gods are surely thirsty demons!