Spaced Out Inc. Privacy Policy

Spaced Out protects the individualís right to privacy in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic).

In addition, due to the potentially sensitive nature of the club membership information, individual members agree to respect the privacy of other members.

Member details are collected and securely stored for the purpose of communicating club information (such as the newsletter and social calendar). Plain envelopes are used that make no mention of Spaced Out, and e-mails to members are sent via the clubís e-group whereby individual recipients are not identified.

Member details are made available to members of the committee, with appropriate controls, for the above purpose. If consent is given, member details are also made available to other members, via the Membership Secretary.

Any member can access, or provide updates to, their own details on the membership register. All other access to membership information is to be made via the Membership Secretary.

Members determine the extent to which they are identified as belonging to Spaced Out. In club publications, identifying names are only used with consent. Consent is also sought to list a memberís contact details on the social calendar when that member hosts an event. A member sending e-mail to other members via the clubís e-group is giving consent of identification.

There are guidelines as to the recording of names in official club Minutes. A declaration form is to be signed by non-members viewing AGM Minutes, and also by non-committee members attending committee meetings, indicating that they will keep any member information private.

Information on ex-members is destroyed.

Spaced Out may amend this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in legislation.

Finalised June 2003