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#24 - April 2009
jeanette winterson


Review: Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson
A Solar Eclipse in Russia
Original Fiction: Universal Light
Original Fiction: Worlds Unknown

#23 - October 2007
cathy larsen


Spaced Outer Bio-graph: Our members stories, one by one
Review: Outland
Chev's Perspectives
Original Fiction: Universal Light
Original Fiction: In the Wake
Original Fiction: Worlds Unknown

#21 - August 2005



john barrowman pic treated




Dr Who Special
News In Brief:
  • Obituaries
  • Logans re-run
  • Wonder Mum?
  • Tennant Starts Filming

  • Convenors Corner
    Original Fiction: The Moons Orbit
    Recipe: Tardis cake
    Spaced Outer Bio-graph: Our members stories, one by one
    Reviews: The New Dr Who eps 6 & 7
    Interview: John Barrowman
    Film Review: Batman Returns

    #17 - September 2003







    Special Double Issue - Celebrating Women in Science Fiction!
    Editorial - The Token "Why" Chromosome
    News In Brief:
  • Blake's 7 returns
  • Star Trek petition
  • Mars voyagers
  • Continuum
  • Bullsheet
  • obits - Star Trek actors/creators

  • Melissa and Her Friends - An Interview with Melissa Scott
    A Womb With A View - Women in Science Fiction
    Getting Feral With Kerry - An Interview with Kerry Greenwood
    The Alternative Universe of Fan-Fic
    Sweet Mary Sue: Female "Types" in Fan Fiction
    Book Review: The Left Hand of Darkness
    TV Review: Buffy - the end
    Classic Film Review: Contact
    Modern Film Review: Cypher
    A Book & A Song: Reviews of A Lesbian SF Website & Lisa Koch
    Review: Websites
    Comix Strip (Review): Peregrine Besset In The Red World
    Unfortunate Dreams (original artwork)
    I Sit (original fiction)
    Mother of Life (original poetry)
    Club Supporters & Membership Benefits Scheme
    Solar Spectrum 3: Call for Submissions

    #16 - June 2003
    thumbnail_16 Editorial - Happy Fourth Birthday!
    News In Brief:
  • Names on comet
  • Multiverse congratulations
  • Klingons not needed
  • NASA music
  • obit - John Foyster.

  • Modern TV Review: Enterprise - The Pros and Cons
    Comix Strip: The Invisibles
    Celebrating A Fifty Year Old Classic Novel: The World Well Lost
    Classic TV Review: The Tomorrow People
    Medusa (original fiction)
    Darkness Comes (original poetry)

    #15 - March 2003
    thumbnail_15 Editorial - Imminent War/Valé Columbia
    News In Brief:
  • Mt. Stromlo observatory razed
  • Lambda Literary Awards, Stargate
  • Mars lectures in Melbourne
  • Swancon

  • Bruce Gillespie: The Pleasures of Reading SF
    Dick "Ditmar" Jenssen: The Word, The Image
    Anthology Review: Solar Spectrum #2
    Science Fiction TV Comedies: Funny Queer?
    Comix Strip: Neil Gaiman
    Launch Time (original fiction)

    #14 - December 2002
    thumbnail_14 Editorial - The Gay Games
    News In Brief:
  • Jupiter-like planets form
  • Tunguska 95th anniversary
  • Firefly cancelled
  • Slow Glass Goes Electronic
  • obits - John Meredith Lucas, Jonathan Harris

  • Dick Jenssen: What SF Has Meant to Me
    Comix Strip: Spiderman
    30 Years Ago: Apollo Program Ends
    20 Years Ago: AIDS in Australia!
    Homo Apollo (poetry)

    #13 - September 2002
    thumbnail_13 Editorial - Tribute to Enterprise Club
    Outer Space Day Report
    News In Brief:
  • Gaylactic Awards
  • Moon Trees
  • Buffy Marries Fred
  • I Robot movie
  • Farscape cancelled
  • Rhysling Award 2002

  • The Computers of Blake’s 7
    Star Trek Enterprise: The Unexpected
    Revisit 2001: A Queer Odyssey?
    TV Review: Willow and Tara, Cindy and Max (Lesbians on TV)
    Review: Ethan of Athos
    Nova (original fiction)

    #12 - June 2002
    thumbnail_12 Editorial - Club Achievements: Sharing the Journey
    Ditmar Award - We Won!!
    The Forever Taboo @ Convergence
    News Briefs:
  • Quantum Leap into Enterprise
  • Wonder Woman & Farscape
  • Blake's 7 and other remakes
  • Vulcan found?
  • obits - Stephen Jay Gould, George Alec Effinger, Damon Knight.

  • TV Review: Star Trek TNG - The Host
    Anthology Review: Ancient Science Fiction
    The Forever Awarded: An Interview With Joe Haldeman
    Transformed (fiction)
    Cemetery, Sleeping Ground (fiction)

    #11 - March 2002
    thumbnail_11 Editorial - Pride March/ Asteroids/ Club Matters
    TV Novel Review: Star Trek Section 31 - Rogue
    Star Trek's Infinite Diversity Reappears
    chev's perspectives - Blake's Seven: Orbit
    Twilight Zone: Eye of the Beholder
    Gay Base Alpha
    Did You See The Doctor..?
    Ex-Gen, Next Gen (original fiction)

    #10 - December 2001
    thumbnail_10 Editorial - An Open Letter to Parents of an SF Fan
    Supporting PFLAG
    2001 - A Workshop Odyssey
    TV Review: Star Trek - Turnabout Intruder
    Novel Review: Whaleroad by Kerry Greenwood
    Tri Again (original fiction)

    #9 - September 2001
    thumbnail_9 Editorial - A Response to September 11
    Multiverse 4 Report
    Worldcon 2001 Report
    Magazine Review: Frontier magazine
    TV Review: Astroboy
    Announcement: Workshop Day!
    Priscilla, Drag Queen of the Nebula (original fiction)

    #8 - June 2001
    thumbnail_8 Editorial - Star Trek: Give Us Some Queer Characters NOW!
    Goodbye, Farewell and Amen: Will Gauvin, Douglas Adams, Jan Hillier
    TV Review: Blake's 7 - Gambit
    Whatever Happened to 2001? (Space Program Since 1969)
    Sexualities in Science Fiction - A List
    Goodbye Old Friends by Will
    Announcement: Multiverse 4 Convention
    Defective Gene 11257 (original fiction)

    #7 - March 2001
    thumbnail_7 Editorial - 2001: A Human Odyssey
    Anthology Review: Solar Spectrum #1
    Novel Review: Albrick's Gold
    TV Review: Star Trek - Let That be Your Last Battlefield
    Sci-ber Space
    Announcement: Multiverse 4 Convention
    Sodom and Tomorrow (original fiction)

    #6 - December 2000
    thumbnail_6 Editorial - Entering A New Millennium
    Anthology Review: Bending The Landscape
    Hidden History - Ganymede, Moon of Jupiter
    Newsflash: Ganymede Likely Has A Hidden Ocean
    Cherry (original fiction)
    Alien Odyssey Part 2: Out Among The Stars (original fiction)

    #5 - October 2000
    thumbnail_5 First Annual General Meeting
    Novel Review: Journals of the Plague Years
    A Sample List Of Female Sf/Fantasy Authors To Look Out For
    Gay and Lesbian SF Fandom: FIAWOL or FIJAGH?
    Film Review: Jeffrey
    Tortured Thoughts of a Boy in Love (original fiction)

    #4 - July 2000
    thumbnail_4 Our First Mini Convention!
    Slash Chronicles: SinpOZium 2000 Convention Report
    TV Review: Doomwatch - The Plastic Eaters
    Queer Time Travel: TV Science Fiction
    A Night at Rainbow Nebula (original fiction)

    #3 - April 2000
    thumbnail_3 Club News - Incorporation, Constitution, Charity
    Convener's Chat - Jules Verne, Past or Future?
    Club Charity Adopted
    Film Review: The Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
    Invisible and Alien? Transgender Characters in Media Science Fiction
    Science Fiction - An Agent of Social Change?
    The Share Market (original fiction)

    #2 - December 1999
    thumbnail_2 1999 Retro
    Announcement: Future Directions Meeting
    Convention Report: Gaylaxicon 1999
    Short Story eview : Transit by Stephen Dedman
    Star Trek: Infinite Diversity? IDIC - A Paradise Lost.
    Why 2 - K ? (original fiction)

    #1 - September 1999
    thumbnail_1 Let's start at the beginning: CLUB LAUNCHED!
    When Will NASA Break Its Final Barrier?
    Short Story Review: All You Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein
    TV Review: Babylon 5 - Confessions and Lamentations/Divided Loyalties
    Fiction Review: Slash Fan Fiction
    Spaced Out at Worldcon (Aussiecon 3)
    Alien Odyssey Part I: The Un-Conventional (original fiction)

    Spaced Out has also published the following collections.
    We welcome submissions for future issues.


    Solar Spectrum #2 - June 2002
    Solar Spectrum #2   117 pages of fiction, artwork, poetry, and non-fiction by:
            Kate Doolan
            Alan Duncan
            Miriam English
            Adrian Gaetano
            Will Gauvin
            Kerry Greenwood
            Aaron A. Hughes
            Sue Isle
            Jack B. Nimble
            Helen Patrice
            Stephen Stonewall

    Solar Spectrum #1 - January 2001
    Solar Spectrum #2   68 pages of fiction, artwork, and poetry by:
            Alan Duncan
            Miriam English
            Adrian Gaetano
            Will Gauvin
            Michael A J Jordan
            David Hanneford
            Stephen Stonewall