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I help out at Gheerulla Community Hall
and maintain the Sunshine Coast Community Halls website.
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some of my cartoons

Let me know what you think of my cartoons through the [comment] link after each one.


I've decided to try drawing an ongoing series of science-oriented cartoons called RandomWalks.

knight-trust (33k) - [comment]

This is one of several cartoons I drew recently to illustrate a book Protect Your Ass-ets by local businesswoman Dymphna Boholt. Most of the book is a practical guide to the extraordinary lengths required these days to protect against unscrupulous law suits. Unfortunately it also talks about how to avoid paying the proper tax due -- something I frown upon. Tax is required to keep society running smoothly. If the rich avoid it then undue burden falls upon the poor to support the rich -- a recipe for disaster.

Cutting Edge Technology (9k) - [comment]

Mouse Accelerate (20k) - [comment]

Xmas Wish (17k) - [comment]

I used to make my own Xmas cards and post them out. This and the two below are some.

Ms Clause (44k) - [comment]

Merry Xmas (29k) - [comment]

Heads or Tails (21k) - [comment]

Virtual Free-range (28k) - [comment]

Surfs Up (21k) - [comment]

Laser copier (24k) - [comment]

The Munchkin Project (58k + 82k +50k) -- a true story. - [comment]

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