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some projects, current and past

I seem to work on things in fits and starts, and annoyingly, rarely complete them. I will eventually add a number of my old (usually incomplete) projects here. Anybody who wants to try these, please do. Do send me a note via the [comment] link if you get anything even partially completed. I'd love to hear about it.

Feedback system for static web pages [comment]

Static web pages are easy to maintain and backup, but for a long time I'd been unable to work out a way to let people give me feedback. Here is my solution.

I prefer to maintain my website as a bunch of static web pages. I know that's not suitable for a lot of people who don't wish to delve into HTML, but frankly it doesn't require a lot of knowledge (basic HTML is easy to learn), and static pages are simple to maintain and backup. I keep a copy of my website locally on my home computer, on my smartphone, on multiple backup hard drives, and even on thumb drives. Static pages don't require large database systems like Wordpress or Blogger, or other similar dynamic website creator software. However, one problem with static pages is feedback. It is very difficult to give readers a way to communicate with you, the author. Spammers have made it risky to leave your email address on the web, so the only practical way has usually been to link to a dynamic system, like a blog or social media. Well, here is my solution.

eed (extensible editor) [comment]

This came out of my dissatisfaction with all existing text editors. To see how big a problem they are, just look at the list of more than a thousand of them at texteditors.org. One day I was wondering if there was some solution to this and suddenly realised what the trouble is, and how to fix it. Thus eed learns from Linux and takes a modular approach. Instead of being a big, complex, monolithic program, it is actually a swarm of many tiny programs, each able to do just one job perfectly. This means it is only as large as you want it to be, has exactly the functions you need, and can be easily and infinitely extended.

STEG (solar thermo-electric generator) [comment]

Solar powered usually means powered only during daytime, but this project lets you get free, silent, non-polluting power from the sun around the clock by utilising the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Solar powered water pump [comment]

The project is already complete (well, except for revisions) but I need to collect together notes, diagrams and pictures and put them up here. It provided all the water for the house I lived in.

More old and new projects to come...

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