A comedy-drama in which a sleuth, who considers herself a kind of modern day Sherlock Holmes, is assisted by her companion, a sentient robot.

Set only several years in the future, when things are hardly different from now, this is a mild comedy with elements of suspense and action.

My short ebook Shirlocke is free and available here in two formats:

The web page can be read in any web browser either online, or can be downloaded and read offline.

The epub ebook can be freely downloaded to any computer (smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, or desktop) and read via a free or commercial ebook reader program (my favorite is fbreader on smartphone or tablet), alternatively the epub should be able to be read in any dedicated ebook reader device. It has no DRM locks so it is not tied to any device and you're free to share it with other people.

Note on commercial and non-commercial use.

This story doesn't cost you anything to read, but took me a lot of time and effort to write. Please, please send me some kind of feedback, letting me know what you thought of it. All comments will be gratefully received.
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