The future is high-tech and low-energy, where androids (intelligent, human-like robots) are willing slaves, and most people, upon dying, are reborn into virtual reality inside computers as "veeps". Rachel is in love with her android Sally, even though it is socially frowned upon for a human to love an android. They become entangled in schemes for veeps and androids to gain human status.

My first novel Insurance is free and available here in two formats:

The web page can be read in any web browser either online, or can be downloaded and read offline.

The epub ebook can be freely downloaded to any computer (smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, or desktop) and read via a free or commercial ebook reader program (my favorite is fbreader on smartphone or tablet), alternatively the epub should be able to be read in any dedicated ebook reader device. It has no DRM locks so it is not tied to any device and you're free to share it with other people.

Please leave me a comment to let me know what you thought of it. I spend years writing this stuff and don't know whether people enjoy it or not. I would very greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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