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They are listed with recent at the top, oldest at the bottom.


In the list below I show the size of each story as 3 numbers:
      kBytes : words : pages

A byte is a character or punctuation mark or space. A kbyte is about a thousand bytes. A Harry Potter sized book is about 500,000 bytes (500kb), not counting any pictures.

Words are a measure the industry uses. It will be meaningless to most people. A novel is generally considered to be more than 50,000 words.

Page count will be easiest for most people to understand, but please note that this is only an estimate, based on my own print settings. They will differ from yours, and will be more for paperback format, and even more for ereader.

Key: Some guide to the content is given with symbols.
Hover your mouse over a symbol to get a quick reminder of what the symbol represents (works in most modern web browsers).
epub electronic book epub ebook
NaNoWriMo entry entry for NaNoWriMo
currently writing currently writing this one
unfinished... unfinished...
nice pleasant tale
thoughts thoughts in story form
comedy comedy
unhappy not a happy tale
eeek! extremely unpleasant
angry I'm annoyed at something
virtual realityvirtual reality
artificial intelligence artificial intelligence
science fiction science fiction
lesbian female-female attraction
sex sex
action action story

Heterophobia (12kB : 1,315 words : 7 pages) [comment]
script short story angry thoughts lesbian
This was a film script I sent in to a 2019 competition for Australian screenwriters. The scripts were required to be on the topic of 'difference' and be very short -- only about five minutes long. It didn't get used. I forgot all about it until recently. The original was required to be sent as PDF. I originally wrote it in LibreOffice using a special scriptwriting template by Anikó J. Bartos & Alan C. Baird from http://9timezones.com/scr2.htm. When I reformatted it for HTML I wrote a simple 7-line CSS to do the job.

Ward - (Not finished) [comment]
book script NaNoWriMo entry unfinished... thoughts science fiction
It's not the end of the world.

This year (2010) I tried screnzy (Script Frenzy -- a spinoff from NaNoWriMo). Unfortunately I found it so constraining to write as a script that I've been considering rewriting it as a conventional story. Maybe then I'll finish it.

A Loving Soul (30kB : 3,390 words : 13 pages) [comment]
script short story thoughts artificial intelligence science fiction
This is one of the scripts I submitted to twoTwisted.  It didn't get picked up.  Nevertheless I'm quite proud of it and like to think it would have been rejected because of the controversial stuff anyway.  This story basically wrote itself.  Halfway through it took a direction I didn't want and I was thinking, "No, don't do that," but was powerless to stop the characters.  At the end I was annoyed because the story wound up in a way that didn't suit me, so I went back and scrapped everything from about halfway through (a very painful thing to do).  After changing the bit where everything had started off in the wrong direction, I was still worried that it would be hard to force the story to go the way I wanted, but to my relief the characters took hold again and wrote it the way I'd originally intended, with a nice extra bit I hadn't planned on as well.  I felt like just an onlooker.

Love Honour and Obey (28kB : 3,546 words : 13 pages) [comment]
script short story thoughts artificial intelligence science fiction
Another of the scripts I submitted to twoTwisted that didn't get picked up.  I think it is the best of the ones I sent.  I don't feel like I should take much credit for it though because I feel like the characters in the story wrote it.  It was the weirdest feeling.  The story just appeared on my screen.  I had a fairly simple idea to start with, that robots and androids will never be a danger to humans, but was a bit stumped as to how to turn it into a story.  I even rang my Mum because I couldn't think of a way to do it.  But when I sat down to write, it just fell out onto the screen.  The strangest thing is it developed a whole lot of cool subtexts during the writing that I hadn't originally planned.

The Killer (27kB : 3,973 words : 11 pages) [comment]
script short story angry science fiction
Yet another script sent to twoTwisted.  I'm not sure whether I like this one or not.  I like the idea behind it though.  I originally didn't want to spell out the ending in the final line, but my family convinced me that it needed it.  Still not 100% certain.

Grace (14kB : 2,146 words : 6 pages) [comment]
short story script nice virtual reality thoughts science fiction
I like the idea behind this story because it shows why all religion would be extremely insulting to any sane god if such a being existed.

I'd hoped this would become a work of VR fiction.  It is printed in the second Spaced Out  anthology.

Grace3 (28kB : 3700 words : 11 pages) is a better version with 3 simultaneous threads. [comment]

Grace, versión en Español - A wonderful friend has translated Grace into Spanish. Unfortunately, as an atheist living in a predominantly Christian country, she declines to be directly credited for her work because of prejudice from "good Christians". I've lost contact with her recently, but if you want someone to translate to Spanish, let me know I might still be able to find her.

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