Should be displaying a simple VRML world here

Drag your mouse on the object to rotate it.
Drag your mouse on the background to rotate the view.

My brother gave me a wooden block puzzle in which its 27 blocks are linked together by a rope running through them. The trick is to arrange them so that they form a cube. It is surprisingly difficult. After I solved it a number of times I decided to record a 3D visualisation of the solution.

The background was created in POV-Ray as 6 images captured looking in the 6 directions and used in VRML's Background node as the 6 faces of a cube set at infinity. Back then, raytracing these 6 images would take hours. How things have changed!

The snake cube itself was created using VRML's nice ability to define shapes as PROTOs then re-use them. I only needed to define blocks positioned on the edge, face, corner, and the one center block (because they have different colors in my visualisation). Then define endNode, linkNode, centerNode, and linkRod. Then I simply positioned all the instances of those that I wanted. It made it really easy to create.